Thursday, January 15, 2015

Journey of Joy and Love

Rose Quartz & Rhodonite bracelet
Here is a Rose Quartz and Rhodonite bracelet I made a while back. A symbol of love. That day, I wore it during my yoga session and took my attention towards the heart chakra, chanting the sound YAM.
  The same evening, I wore the bracelet when I went out. Not knowing that this ordinary bracelet would soon become a journey of joy and love.
 I unexpectedly met a friend. She commented on how lovely the bracelet was, and spoke from her heart how much she loved my design and the beads.
   I removed the bracelet from my wrist and gave it to her. She was surprised and thrilled, and kindly accepted the gift. I felt that I was also sharing my heart chakra energy with her. But when I got home, my heart was more energized than earlier. That's when I realized; it was she who was sharing her heart energy with me.
  It's true, when you give unconditionally, the universe gives back thousand times more. 

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