Tuesday, April 1, 2014

East African Safari Rally

The month of April in Vancouver, British Columbia, is breathtaking. The showy mountains and colourful gardens bring smile to my whole being. Soon my front garden will turn red and pink with azalea flowers, and the favourite of all, the magnolia tree will bloom in abundance. And of course, the best is walking my dog in the neighbourhood under the cherry trees (quite a few around).

Datsun 240z East African Safari Rally - Shekhar Mehta1971

Photo: JPG file on Pinterest via Vintage East Africa. (See Link). 

This takes me to my childhood, how different the month of April was in Africa. The monsoon season was truly magical. I felt joyful when the water from heavens poured.

My most cherished memory is a family holiday. Dad drove us from Dar es Salaam to Arusha to Ngorongo Crater for a wildlife safari trip. It was during the Easter week holidays, and the East African Safari Rally was happening. Every time the race cars zoomed by, Dad pulled aside to let the drivers pass. We honked and cheered. Wow! what an experience.