Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life is You

I was at a funeral this afternoon and could not stop thinking where life could have taken this wonderful woman (in her sixties), who lost a battle with cancer. After everyone paid their last respects, she was carried to another place where she now belongs. The hymns and prayers echoed in the hall that left me in silence within my own inner space.

I believe, in this short journey that we are granted, it's important to follow our passion, because this will make us understand our purpose. Life is not a race, life is not comparison, life is not guiltlife is in our heart, life is love, life is compassion, life is giving thanks, life is generosity, life is discovery.

 Life is You.

May her soul Rest in Peace. Amen.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Monsoon Rains

After a heavy rainfall, the sun was out, the grass was wet, and the worms welcomed the migrating birds for a feast. I stood on my deck and listened to the stellar jays, robins, chickadees and woodpeckers singing together. Rain is magical in the West Coast during the fall season, despite the cold.

I remember as a child, growing up in East Africa, the cool breeze from the rains brought laughter on the streets. Children would get drenched playinga heavenly experience.The scent of the earth and rain was divine.

I have captured several scenes in my novel, The Beggar's Dance, during the monsoon season.